How To Sell Insurance When Just Starting Out

As a new insurance agent, you are not sure where to start and you require the best strategies regarding how to sell insurance. Insurance is sometimes a great career for people that have a selected niche for persuasion selling. If you are into reading forums, you will see the attraction that a lot of other agents experience and why they get into the business of selling insurance, and how they all get their prospects.

The most important this is knowing how to get leads. You don’t want to spend your whole life trying to get leads. You want to spend your time selling. This is the #1 tip for being successful in setting up your insurance marketing strategies.

Most every insurance agents put in a ton of time an ultimately struggles trying to find leads to bring them daily sales. The best method to get leads on a daily basis is to buy leads from an internet lead provider. The leads are not the greatest, but this will let you focus on actually selling. Remember, that leads are leads. The best insurance agents are the ones that can close and sell to 20% of their lead. This sale close may not be immediate, but being persistent will close the sale over a period of time. The cost of the internet leads could be expensive at times, but you should not be focusing on getting leads anyway. You are a sales man, not a telemarketer.

So how do you sell? Never try to sell the customer on your product. You need to find the pain in the customer and find a solution to solve the pain. People don’t like it when they are trying to be sold. If you are getting leads coming to you, then those leads have a pain factor. It is absolutely mandatory to find the source of pain and show them how you can solve their pain. Surprisingly enough, if the pain is high enough, you will be able to sell a high end expensive product along with an up sell or two. Remember to not spend your time on lead generation. The lead generation process needs to be a system of your agency. Online insurance marketing videos from an insurance expert are a great way to learn how to sell Insurance.